Yellow-cheeked Gibbon

8 days – Primates Photography Tour in South Vietnam


  • The Tour Manager for this tour is Andy Nguyen
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What primates will we see and photograph during the 8-day tour in central and southern Vietnam?

With an 8-day tour in southern Vietnam, we will visit some famous destinations such as: Can Gio Mangrove forest, Cat Tien National Park, Quang Nam province, Phong Nha Kebang National park and Da Nang city,

Target in this tour : Red-shanked Douc, Black-shanked Douc, Grey-Shanked Douc, Annamese Silver Langur, Hatinh Langur, White-cheeked Gibbon, Yellow-cheeked Gibbon, Long-tailed Macaque, Southern Pig-tailed Macaque, Stumb-tailed Macaque, Rhesus macaque, and Pygmy Loris.

The tour program with 12  beautiful and rare primate species in the south and central Vietnam. In addition, you will admire many beautiful natural landscapes in Cat tien National Park, Son Tra Peninsula, Danang City and Phong Nha National Park with many famous caves.

During the journey, visitors will meet many beautiful birds in the tropical country of southern Vietnam. The place has a regularly recorded bird population of more than 300 bird species, not to mention winter migratory birds.

Where can we enjoy Primates Photography Tour in Vietnam?

Our journey below is the best route for Primates Photography Tour.

  1. Day 1: Ho Chi Minh City to Can Gio town, Mangrove forest for 2 Primates and a Rarest dolphin.
  2. Day 2: Cat Tien National park
  3. Day 3: Cat Tien National park
  4. Day 4: Cat Tien National Park to Hochiminh City, flight to Da Nang
  5. Day 5:  Da Nang CitySon Tra Peninsula continue our journey in Primates Photography Tour
  6. Day 6: Quang Nam province
  7. Day 7: Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park
  8. Day 8: Phong nha Kebang National Park , go back to Da Nang International Airport

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Day 1: Ho Chi Minh City to Can Gio town, Mangrove forest for 2 Primates and a Rarest dolphin.

Target: Northern pig-tailed macaque, long-tailed macaque, Irrawaddy Dolphin.

Car will pick you at the Hotel at 6:00am, then go to Can Gio town, visit Can Gio mangrove forest. 7:30 will arrive to Monkey Island, for 2 species of primates common in there. Northern pig-tailed Macaque ,  Long-tailed Macaque. Will spent 2 hours in this

we will go to the Irrawaddy dolphin place by boat, after 45min boat transport, we will watch this cute species.

Finish the of this day, we transport to Cat Tien National park.

Accommodation : Cat Tien National park

Day 2: Cat Tien National park

Target: Yellow-cheeked Gibbon, Black-shanked Douc langur, Pygmy loris

Start our morning in Cat Tien with Gibbon singer, we will find them in nature and some in semi-wild captivity to watch how them connect and make relationship each other.

Go under storey of Cat Tien, find some Black-shankded Douc families at some trails which are of the top of some high trees .

After lunch, the afternoon time will visit the grassland to watch Gaus and some kind of Deer, Red muntjak, Green peafowl and some birds.

In the nighttime, we go to find Pygmy Loris, a primates are tiny in size, but with round, curious eyes,

Accommodation : Cat Tien National park.

Day 3: Cat Tien National park

Target : Annam Silver langur, Black-shanked Douc, Siamese Crocodile.

Early morning start at 5:30 am then move by pick-up car to Crocodile lake, we will car transport about 9km then walk 6km. On the walking way, we see and have chance to photograph 2 species : Annam silver langur and Black-shanked Douc.

When arrive to Crocodile lake, we will enjoy the landscape in here and used the boat to watch the Crocodile. The scene of some water birds and some raptor catch the fish at lake are your rest time.

Dinner at 18:30pm

Day 4: Cat Tien National Park to Hochiminh City, flight to Da Nang

Full morning in Cat tien  to go another trails : Thac Troi (Heaven waterfall) try to find again with Annamese Silver langur, bird watching.

The rest of the time in Cat Tien National Park, we will visit Dao Tien Island, where there is a primate rescue center, taking care of them after a period of illegal hunting and captivity. Here we will observe the primates that are about to be released back into the wild and how they reintegrate into the natural environment. Afternoon transport to Hochiminh City, flight to Da Nang City.

Accommodation : Da Nang.

Day 5:  Da Nang City – Son Tra Peninsula continue our journey in Primates Photography Tour

Target : Red-shanked Douc langur, Rhesus Macaque.

Other : birds and migration birds : Blue-rock thrush, Orange-headed thrush, Dauriant Redstart, Crimson sunbird…

Will start at 6:00 to watch the Red-shanked Douc, 9:30 will back to the city for coffee with beach view, restaurant to lunch with Vietnamese foods in Da Nang.

15:00 back to Son Tra peninsular for Red-shanked Douc and some birds watching.

Day 6: Quang Nam province

We will spend one day of the Vietnam primate tour for the rarest and endangered primate: Grey-shanked Douc.

Accommodation : Phong Nha Ke Bang national park.

Day 7: Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park

All day for Ha Tinh Langur, Assamese Macaque, Stump-tailed Macaque.

Other: Endemic birds in Phong Nha Kebang Nationalpark: Sooty Babbler, Limestone leaf warbler, Red-collared Woodpecker…

Day 8: Phong nha Kebang National Park , go back to Da Nang International Airport

Morning in Phong Nha for tagets : White-cheeked Gibbon, Red-shanked Douc langur.

Other : Cave discovery in Tuyen Hoa, Quang Binh province with bats, birds…

Finish the tour, transport to the airport : Dong Hoi airport to flight to Hochiminh City.

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