6 Days Birding Tour in Fansipan Mountain and Sapa Town, North-west Vietnam


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Coming to Fansipan, you will visit a famous tourist town in Northwest Vietnam: Sapa town and also an ideal location for birding tour in Vietnam. Fansipan Mountain is a famous destination in Vietnam, it is part of the continuation of the Himalayas, with peaks as high as 3413m above sea level.

Why Fansipan in an ideal location for birding tour in Vietnam?

In addition to the beautiful scenery due to the majestic mountains, the villages of the Dao and Hmong people bend under the hillsides. Then the experience of Sapa and bird watching spots around the town such as: Silver Falls, O Quy Ho pass … will help you see and take pictures of many beautiful birds.

Birds target in Sapa, Silver Falls and O Quy Ho Pass:

  • Stripe-throated Yuhina
  • Whiskered Yuhina
  • Blue-winged Minla
  • Golden breasted fulvetta
  • Rusty-capped Fulvetta
  • White-browed Fulvetta
  • Manipur Fulvetta
  • Spectacled Barwing
  • Black-headed Greenfinch
  • Little Fortail
  • Plumbeous water-redstar
  • Brown-breasted bulbul
  • Collared Finchbill…

4 days climbing, taking photos or birding from Fansipan peak back to Sapa town will bring you unforgettable memories.

Birds target in Fansipan mountain trail:

  • Black-faced laughingthrush
  • Red-tailed laughingthrush
  • Scaly laughingthrush
  • Sickle-billed Scimitar Babbler
  • Scaly-breasted Wren babbler
  • Bar-winged Wren Babbler
  • Pale-throated Wren Babbler
  • Collared Yuhina
  • Striped-throated Yuhina
  • Green-tailed Sunbird
  • Mrs Gould’s Sunbird
  • Vinaceous rosefinch
  • Broad-billed Warbler, ….

What is the itenerary for 6 Days Birding Tour in Fansipan Mountain and Sapa Town, North-west Vietnam?

The first day will take the cable car from the town to the top of the mountain. On the journey you can experience watching nature for an hour sitting in the cabin. After that, you will go to Fansipan peak, and start the journey to photograph birds. The first day will be a 4km walk from the top of the mountain to the resting station at 2800m above sea level.

The second day of the journey will be spent a day taking photos and bird watching around the 2800 station area. The weather here is very erratic, and there is often heavy fog, but sometimes it becomes clear and A lot of beautiful birds will appear within your lens reach.

The third day is a 7km long day of walking from the 2800 stop to the 2200m resting station. On this walk, you will meet many beautiful birds appearing in the dwarf bamboo forest. Admire the view of the mountains and the smallness of people.

On the 4th day of the walking journey, you will go from the resting station 2200m to the end station, that day will be a 6km long walk day, the forest will change from dwarf bamboo to evergreen forest, the climate will be colder and The sky is clearer, and you’ll meet birds in low altitude areas, different from those seen 3 days ago.

There will be a bus to take you back to the hotel in Sapa town to rest.

  • Begin with Day 1: Pick you up at Noi Bai airport or your hotel in Hanoi City. 4-5 hours for transport to Sapa town. Go around the Sapa for bird watching and photography.
    • Accomodation in Sapa town with nice hotel (3 star standard), food : Enjoy local specialties such as: horseflesh, dipped beef, Hmong chicken, … wine made from corn.
  • Day 2: Go to the top of  Fansipan mountain by Cabin cabble, then bird watching and photography to 2800m station.
    • Overnight at 2800m station.
  • Day 3: Bird watching and photography around 2800m station in some hide.
  • Day 4: Walk in the trail from 2800m station to 2200m station, bird watching and photography on the trail.
  • Day 5 : Walk from 2200m station to 1900m station for bird watching and photography, the car pick to Silver Falls for birding and then back to the hotel in Sapa.
  • End our tour – Day 6 : Pick to O Quy Ho pass for birding in morning, after lunch go back to Ha Noi or Noi Bai airport.


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