Where is Can Gio Coast located?

Can Gio Coast is a low, palm-fringed island sitting at the mouth of the Saigon River, some 25km southeast of Ho Chi Minh City.

Can Gio was formed from silt washing downstream from the river, so don’t expect any white-sand beaches. A few hopeful resorts have sprung up along the murky 10km shoreline. Of more interest is Can Gio ‘s forest. This Unesco Biosphere Reserve highly contains a degree of biodiversity, with more than 200 species of fauna and 150 species of flora. If you’re looking for a relatively traffic-free route to explore birds watching sites by motorbike, it’s a great day trip.

Bird Watching and Wildlife Tours in Can Gio Coast

Bird Watching and Wildlife Tours in Can Gio Coast

What types of bird you may find in Can Gio Coast?

In winter season lasting from December to April, many wader species come to stay in the area, greatly increasing its species abundance.

Spoon-billed Sandpiper has been seen here several times, including other species highlights are White-faced Plover, Nordmann’s Greenshank, Red Knot, Red-necked Stint, Broad-billed Sandpiper, all of which are found here easily.

In Go Cong estuary area, Tien Giang province is a very suitable place to birds watching with main target: Spoon-billed Sandpiper, Nordmann’s Greenshank. More: Red-necked Stint, Terek Sandpiper, plovers, terns, …

Number species expect to be seen: 40 species

In Can Gio, the plantation mangrove, is of relatively low importance for key bird species, the intertidal mudflats and sandbanks at the site are important habitats for migratory waterbirds. Easy to see: Black-tailed Godwit , Bar-tailed Godwit , Whimbrel ,Eurasian Curlew, Common Redshank, Marsh Sandpiper, Common Greenshank , Wood Sandpiper, Terek Sandpiper, Common Sandpiper , Ruddy Turnstone, Black-winged Stilt, Pacific Golden Plover, Grey Plover, Little Ringed Plover, Kentish Plover, Lesser Sand Plover, Greater Sand Plover,Caspian Tern, Common Tern, Little Tern, Whiskered Tern … And Somtime : Asian Dowitcher

What is the plan for tourists to birding in Can Gio Coast?

Tourists will be picked up in Ho Chi Minh City in the early morning. After that, we drive about 2.5 hours through Binh Khanh ferry. When we get there, we will spend a full day birding, sometimes we change the order of the muddy-shore birding, and birding in the salt-pans and and in the mangrove forests. Depending upon on season and tide height, Vietnambirds.net will plan our birding time accordingly.

Lunch will be provided at a restaurant nearby before our afternoon birding.

Return to your hotel in the late afternoon.

What are the Tips for tourists when visit Can Gio Coast?

  • Can Gio beach is home to large clam farming areas, seashells are concentrated a lot along the coast, seashells can scratch and injure your legs, it will cause pain and discomfort. Use socks to protect your feet and wear sandals or shoes that can drain.
  • Tide times : carefully check the tide schedule because coastal birds forage depend on the tide, the low tide time is the best time to birds watching .
  • Sunlight : Use sunscreen to avoid scalding your skin in the sun during a day of bird watching at the beach.

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