Obviously, you are in need of an expert guide to nature. And here is a little story I share with you. A story about myself and many years of working as a birdwatching guide, as well as a guide to see amphibians and reptiles, photograph primates…

About Vietnambirds - Mr Nguyen Anh The

About Vietnambirds – Mr Nguyen Anh The

About Vietnambirds

A little bit about myself: I, Nguyen Anh The, – Andy – am a Civil engineer, a college teacher, with more interesting jobs than a birdwatching guide. But I have also been a bird guide for more than 10 years, it comes from an endless passion for wild nature, with colorful and innocent birds. I cannot choose it as the main job when the income from it is only enough for a part of my life. But my experiences with the forest, with birds, and their behavior in Vietnam make me come to bird-guide with enthusiasm.

I have for many years collaborated with the Southern Institute of Ecology, CBES (Center for Endangered Species), and Wildtours, … to carry out their biodiversity investigation projects. With projects on environmental impact assessment of new urban areas, wind power plants, and solar power plants across the country, I also have a significant contribution to considering and assessing the impact of these projects. with birds, amphibians, reptiles… I have lived with and stayed with more than 20 ethnic minority people along the Annamite range of Vietnam. I understand the living habits and culture of each ethnic minority, I go to places where digital civilization has not yet reached.

I have collaborated with Cat Tien National Park, Dong Nai Nature Reserve, and Bidoup Nui Ba National Park, to make bird sites for tourists to take pictures of birds. It can be said proudly that, currently, the bird sites in these national parks are selected and built by myself.

I have created some bird-watching spots for rare species in Ngoc Linh NR so that local people can take care of and manage them to serve tourists. Since the Red-tailed Laughingthrush and the Golden-winged Laughingthrush are two species of birds that are difficult to photograph or very difficult to observe, I have tried to make it possible for bird enthusiasts to get good photos of these birds in nature of Vietnam. At the same time, local people also understand the value of nature more, they give up the habit of hunting birds to sell.

Creating a bird site in Vietnam is a difficult thing because most birds here are very shy, they just want to stay away from people because they hunt birds for food, and catch small birds to raise as pets. scenes and sell them. So, in addition to understanding the behavior and ecology of each bird species, I also have to spend a lot of time creating friendliness and trust in the birds. It is a difficult job and requires perseverance.

In addition to bird knowledge, I also have deep knowledge in the field of reptiles – amphibians, as well as knowledge about mammals, especially primates in Vietnam.
Some scientific works discovered and published by me are 2 species of Wolf-snake snakes: Lycodon Truong, Lycodon anakradaya; Granite cave-toed lizards: Cyrtodactylus raglan; some other discoveries about snakes in Bach Ma National Park, Di Linh plateau,…

The long trips and my endless efforts in learning from books and papers, and gaining experience from nature and local people…have made me have a deep and wide understanding of nature.
The distance between a tour guide and a birdwatching guide is not small, and to combine the two jobs into one. It is an endeavor with no deadlines. Gone are the days when birders could endure the hardships of accommodation and daily activities just to see the birds. Current tourism activities require safety and convenience, ensuring that meals and drinking is safe for health, ensuring that the accommodation is comfortable, ensuring that the schedule is on time and all things go according to plan. And above all, ensure that visitors have to see and photograph the main targets of the trip as mentioned before.

Such a short share so you can see that if you really need a birdwatching guide, someone who understands the behavior, ecology, and laws of Vietnamese birds. Someone who can organize for you a safe trip, a comfortable place to sleep, a beautiful view to check in, a well-planned schedule… then you come to me and my services.

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