Butterfly photography tours in Vietnam

Many of our routes are based on birding tours, but butterflying trips typically have a more relaxed pace, as each day at a site is likely to bring a different suite of butterflies. Southern Vietnam (Cochinchinese) has some of the best butterflying sites in Asia, a present for the tropical rain forest, and our tour there is highly recommended as a first trip, though Cat Tien NP – DongNai NR – Di Linh Plateau – Langbian plateau is of course always a good choice too.


Our tour Price depends on the final itinerary, length, destination, and the number of participants, to give you the idea this is USD 120.00 – 250.00/pax per day full board. We offer a tour with the most accessible prices and our continuous exploration offers you the best chance to find rarities, local, endemic, and threatened species.

Please Contact Us!! for Detailed itinerary, Pricing.


Butterfly watching and photography is a fast-growing personal hobby, and for better or worse we’ve caught the bug! Since 2017 Vietnambirds Tours has been working to promote butterfly tours in Vietnam. Whether you’ve already discovered the amazing world of these beautiful insects or are wondering what it’s all about, we can arrange a butterfly-focused tour for you.

Byasa dasarada

Byasa dasarada

About Butterfly Photography Tours In Vietnam

Southern Vietnam included lowland forest and highland forest has some of the country’s best butterflying destinations, and on this tour, we hit a few of our favorites Cat Tien and Bidoup Nui Ba National Park are perhaps the crown jewel of the route with their amazing concentration trips, while the road at Dong Nai Nature Reserve has an excellent variety of habitats and overwhelming diversity of species from all families.

Papilio paris

Papilio paris

For high-elevation fanatics, Bidoup Nui Ba NP is an excellent destination. We expect a great variety of butterflies and wonderful photography opportunities. Our basic layout for this – and another butterfly – tour is to spend several days at each site, rather than rush around in the typical birder’s fashion.

First of all, you can’t try to clean up on “target” species by playing tape (though we will be putting out bait to attract bugs), and besides, with butterflies, you’re always finding new species even after several days in the same area.

Parantica swinhoei

Parantica swinhoei

What to Bring:

  • For this tour, we’ll not take any domestic flight but for your information do not bring too much luggage. For domestic flights, you can hold 23 kg. ( 50.7063 lbs.) and 7 kg. (17.637 lbs.) in hand luggage. Extra costs run by yourselves.
  • Lightweight comfortable clothing is recommended, i.e. standard field pants and shirts for the entire trip, some jacket for cold places is enough. Maybe no need jacket in Vietnam (the temperature from 16-32o C )
  • Laundry can be done everywhere, we’ll spend several days in one single place.
  • Sunblock and hat or cap.
  • Mosquito or insect repellent, if you do not have it available or doubt its specificity to the type of insect in Vietnam, we will give you a free spray bottle, very handy.
  • An umbrella and rain poncho, just in case.
  • Rubber boots/gumboots especially for muddy or wet areas. The purpose is to get as close enough to have a good photo. You don’t need to worry about wearing rubber boots all day. We provide nearby transportation all the time to use when it’s necessary.
  • Small flashlight.
  • knee pads, elbow pads
  • Please using camouflaged clothing would be ok, not any military clothing avoid the second.


  • Camera.
  • Extra Batteries.
  • Flash ( optional)
  • Continuous light Lamp (optional)
  • Binoculars ( optional)
  • Tripod (optional)

Travel insurance

We suggest that you use a travel insurance service. The normal price of this tour does not cover travel insurance.

Books / Field Guide

There is not available any specific Butterfly field guide for Vietnam, but we have several Pdf files from our Butterfly photo collection.

If you consider you can bring some other field guide are welcome, this for sure will be helpful.

Prices Include:

  • Private transport is all the way.
  • All accommodations in all the tours.
  • Three meals per day (breakfast, lunch/ picnic, or lunchbox depending where we are, dinner, snacks, water available all the time).
  • Butterfly guide specialist.
  • Entrances to all Butterflying spots.
  • Full board in a private tour.

– Not included:

  • Laundry, beers, medical costs, insurance, or other items of personal nature.

Tour Calendar 2022

  • 29th Apr 2022
  • 7th May 2022.
  • 16th May 2022.
  • 1st June 2022.
  • 10th June 2022.

If some our fixed departure doesn’t work with you, we can propose a fixed departure with your available dates, also if you need a private or customized tour, please contact us for more information, all our tours are flexible and adjustable to your needs.

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