Where can I enter the forest at night?

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According to the regulations of the national parks, visitors are not allowed to enter the forest from 18:00 pm to 6:00 am. Some national parks have a certain “permissiveness” but if you are unlucky that day, the rangers catch you sneaking into the forest at night, you will be fined. Therefore, do not risk going into the forest at night without permission.

Tours to see amphibians, reptiles (herping), or night animals (spotlighting) in Vietnam are extremely new, no tour company has enough manpower to carry out such tours. The national parks in Vietnam all have staff with enough knowledge and experience to accompany tourists into the forest at night, but because they are not officially in business, these staffs are also hesitant to bring tourists. When guests travel at night, there is more risk for them to be responsible than for the profit they derive from the remuneration.

Herping tour in Dong Nai Nature Reserve
Herping tour in Dong Nai Nature Reserve

In the south, there are 3 places where you can hope to enter the forest at night: Cat Tien National Park, Bidoup Nui Ba National Park, and Dong Nai Nature Reserve. If you need some advice on a place where you can go and explore the rainforest at night, maybe hook up in a hammock and sleep in the forest, my advice is to choose Dong Nai NR. This NR has the same ecosystem as Cat Tien National Park, and here allows visitors to go into the forest at night. The experienced guides of Vietnambirds will accompany you to experience unforgettable feelings in the forest. In addition to the many species of snakes here, you can also meet many nocturnal animals such as Bats, flying squirrels, Flying Dragon lizards, Civets, and even gaurs.

Herping tour in Cat Tien National Park
Herping tour in Cat Tien National Park

When participating in a night tour in Bidoup Nui Ba National Park, you must be supported by our guide, because of our experience in guiding tourists over the years, we (Vietnambirds tour) are The management board allows visitors to visit herping at night in this National Park. All trips are legal and guided by a local ranger.

There are many tourists who do not want to sit on a truck or a pick-up truck with a back seat to go “night watching” in Cat Tien National Park. This does not seem to suit the needs of the experience, the trip is only 30 minutes on a car rushing on the road with dark bushes on both sides, if you are lucky you will see a Deer or Muntjac in the distance. , more precisely you see the light reflected from the eyes of the beast. That alone is not enough to make an impression for you when coming to this National Park. Vietnambirds has approved the permission of this National Park to take visitors walking and exploring the trails and streams in the forest in Cat Tien National Park. That is good news for travelers who want to explore Cat Tien.

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