Bird Watching in Sapa and Fansipan mountain are one of the most rewarded experience to discover the nature of the west Tonkin in Vietnam. The place with features unlike other regions in Vietnam, with birds typical of the low mountains of the Himalayas.

Where is Sapa Town?

Sapa Town is a famous tourist town, this is a tourist destination with a long history of more than 100 years, built by the French in a resort.

Sapa and its surrounding areas are placed by a number of ethnic groups with distinct identities such as the H’mong, the Dao and the Thai…

With its moderate altitude (1400m), Sapa has a temperate, misty and romantic climate. Like Dalat in the south, Sapa is the place many tourists think about when they want to relax for a short time in the north.

Fan Si Pan Mountain is a famous destination in Vietnam, it is part of the continuation of the Himalayas, with peaks as high as 3413m above sea level.

With indigenous cultural features, such as “love market”, handmade brocade fabric, some sophisticated dishes can only be found here such as “mèn mén”, “thắng cố” .. . or “corn wine” will give visitors a delightful experience.

Fansipan Mountain (Fan Si Pan) is the name of a mountain peak in Hoang Lien National Park, a part of the Himalayas, Fansipan 3140 meters high, is a record in the Indochina region. Fansipan is only 20km from Sapa. There are many adventure tours of many professional climbers to conquer this peak, which is also one reason why people know Sapa and Fansipan is almost a destination.

Why Fan Si Pan and Sapa Town are ideal locations for birding and wildlife tour in Vietnam?

Vietnam Bird Watching and Wildlife Photography Tours in Sapa Town

Wildlife tourism in Sapa and Fansipan is a 4 – 6 days program, with about 40 species of birds found, most of them being small colorful Himalayan birds, in addition to some special birds. Rare or rare such as: Bar-wing Wren-babbler, Pale-throared Wren-babbler, White-throated Wren-babbler, Sickle-billed Scimitar-Babbler, Temminck’s Tragopan.

With a 3-day hike from the top of the mountain, you will meet many beautiful birds such as: White-browed Fulvetta, Manipur Fulvetta, Golden-breasted Fulvetta, White-collared Yuhina, Striped-throated Yuhina, Whiskered Yuhina, Golden Parrotbill, Spot -breasted Parrotbill, Crimson-breasted Woodpecker, Darjeeling woodpecker, Black-faced Laughingthrush, Scaly Laughingthrush, Red-winged Laughingthrush …

There are also many beautiful and colorful frogs. Especially tree frogs such as: Zhangixalus duboisi, Rhacophorus hoanglienensis … And two very beautiful snakes are Fansipan Pit-viper, Jedon’s pit viper.

Any bird hotspot and more birds species this tour?

Some hot-spots are very close to Sapa town for bird watching such as O Quy Ho Pass, Silver Waterfall, Love Waterfall … where you can add many beautiful birds in the target of the trip: Bar-throated Minla, Blue-winged Minla, Rusty-capped Fulvetta, Spectacled Barwing, Black-headed Greenfinch, Little Fortail, Plumbeous water-redstar, Brown-breasted bulbul, Collared Finchbill…

How much time should we spend for Bird Watching in Sapa Town?

3-4 days climbing, taking photos or birding from Fan Si Pan peak back to Sapa Town will bring you unforgettable memories.

More 2 days in some bird spots around Sapa.

What time of year is the best time for wildlife tour and bird watching in Fansipan?

The best time to visit Sapa and Fansipan is May. During this time, it will be less cloudy and drizzly. It is also the time to meet many birds with their plumage during the beautiful breeding season.

In conclusion, above is the list of best birding trails in Vietnam according to my experience so you are welcome to share with us your route.

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