Ngoc Linh is a 2,598-metre-high mountain of the Annamite Range in Vietnam. It straddles the two provinces of Quảng Nam and Kon Tum. It is considered “the roof of Southern Vietnam”. – According to Wikipedia about Ngoc Linh. Bird Watching and Wildlife Tours in Ngoc Linh Nature Reserve is highly recommended from bird-watching lover throughout the world.

Golden-winged Laughingthrush - Ngoc Linh National Resever

Golden-winged Laughingthrush – Ngoc Linh National Resever

Where is Ngoc Linh Nature Reserve located?

Ngoc Linh proposed nature reserve is located on the Kon Tum plateau, a montane isolate, which is separated from other high altitude areas by relatively long distances.

The highest point in Ngoc Linh is Mount Ngoc Linh (2,598 m), the highest point in the central Annamite Mountains, which lies on the border between Kon Tum and Quang Nam provinces.

This reserve is perfect for people who like to immerse themselves in nature. Many rare plants, birds and animals live here.

What species you may spectate in birds watching tours in Ngoc Linh?

Ngoc Linh Nature Reserve supports populations of several plant species that are endemic to Vietnam. For instant, Pinus dalatensis and Panax vietnamensis. Furthermore, Ngoc Linh supports a population of the recently discovered, endemic mammal species. For examples, Annamite Muntjac Muntiacus truongsonensis.

Moreover, the proposed nature reserve supports one bird species, Golden-winged Laughingthrush Garrulax ngoclinhensis. This bird type is  well-known global range is restricted to the central Annamites. Due to the presence of Golden-winged Laughingthrush and three other restricted-range bird species, Ngoc Linh qualifies for inclusion in the Kon Tum Plateau Endemic Bird Area (EBA), the most recently discovered of Vietnam’s four EBAs.

In addition, together with parts of the contiguous Ngoc Linh NR, the site qualifies as an Important Bird Area.

When is the best time for birds watching in Ngoc Linh Nature Reserve?

The best time for birding in this erea is from October to November or March to Jun. In addition, good time for Birds Photography Tours is from March to Jun.

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