Red shanked Douc Langur

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Red shanked Douc Langur is listed as Critically Endangered IUCN Redlist 2020 by IUCN.

Red shanked Douc Langur

The Red-Shanked Douc Langur has:

  • Grey ‘agouti’ coloration on the back, belly and upper arms
  • Forearms are white, upper legs black to grey and the lower legs a deep red
  • The skin on their face is a creamy color with a paler white color around the mouth
  • Cheek whiskers and tail are white
  • The male is larger in size than the female, the tail is longer and the lower part of the neck before the chest has “gorgeted” with pink band which is clearly than the female.
  • Mating time: all year round, can observe the phenomenon of recreational mating not for the purpose of reproduction. Some wandering males still have the phenomenon of homosexual mating.
  • The young are born around early spring, the young plumage is a bit like the adult.

Red shanked Douc Langur in their natural habitat

Red shanked Douc Langur

Red shanked Douc Langur is a beautiful primate with colorful. In Vietnam, there can be a distribution of large populations in Son Tra Peninsula, Bach Ma National Park, Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park. The region area in evergreen forest, semi-evergreen, and limestone forests of the central Vietnam and bordering with Laos.

A short film for a small family of Red shanked douc , with a male, female and so activity infrant.

These Endangered primates make their home in the mid to upper levels of the forest canopy.

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