Bar-bellied Pitta

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Bar-bellied pitta is a bird species listed in The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species 2016 according to BirdLife International.

Bar-bellied Pitta – Female

This species is similar size to others in Pittidae family with aproximatly length of 20cm.

  • The male Bar-bellied pitta has green crown, broad black bands from eyes to nape-sides, greener upperparts and distinctive blue and short uppertail. It has brown chest and greenish yellow bars at his flank.
  • Females: The belly is more yellow. The head and nape of the neck are brown.
  • Young birds: Similar to the female, more brown and speckled.
Bar-bellied Pitta – Male
Bar-bellied Pitta – Male

Bar-bellied Pitta in natural habitat

Bar-bellied Pittas is the most attractive to keen photographers. This species can be seen when birders come in to our licensed feeding areas with blind-hides. Bird-watching tourists tend to visit Cat Tien National Park in order to take pictures of Bar-bellied pitta. It is best to stay at the park at least 3 nights however if you have more time we could suggest to stay upto 4-nights. For further information, please visit: 4 Days Bird Watching and Spotlighting in Cat Tien

Bar-bellied Pitta in natural habitat

The best season from December to April. Best place in the south Vietnam : Cat tien national park, Dong Nai Nature reserve.

  • The Tour Manager for this tour is Andy Nguyen
  • Call +84982928482 , or message by Whatsapp, viber with the same number
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