Hot-spot for Bird Watching and Wildlife Photography near Ho Chi Minh City

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One more Hot-spot for bird watching and wildlife photography near Ho Chi Minh City which attracts attention from birders around the world has been discovered recently.

Where is it?

Dong Nai Cultural Nature Reserve, a long time without eco-tourism, has now reopened to serve tourists.

People used to know its reputation for a war zone, the guerrillas gather their troops, field hospitals … Today, they have a memorial area with tunnels for kilometers long, many layers in the ground for visitors to visit.

Moreover, the area has a natural forest area twice as large as Cat Tien National Park, with Tri An Lake being the largest hydropower lake in the south. The nature here is full of amphibian birds, mammals and reptiles that are typical for the southern region of Vietnam.

Hot-spot for Bird Watching and Wildlife Photography near Ho Chi Minh City
Hot-spot for Bird Watching and Wildlife Photography near Ho Chi Minh City

Why you shoudn’t miss it?

Why this brand-new bird watching and wildlife photography destination near Ho Chi Minh City is so special?

There are some specific and endemic species such as:

  • Orange-necked Partridge
  • Germain’s peacock pheasant
  • Siamese Fireback
  • Bar-bellied Pitta
  • Blue-rumped Pitta
  • Gray-faced Tit-babbler
  • Pale-headed Woodpecker …

To sum up, Dong Nai National Reserve possesses a total of more than recorded 200 species of bird in Vietnam. In particular, there are also bird-hide here to serve tourists who like to take pictures, especially the brilliant birds Bar-bellied Pitta, Black-backed Kingfisher.

Animal: Pig-tailed Macaque, long-tailed macaque, Black-shanked Douc, Pygmy Loris, Common Palm Civet, Indochinese Ground Squirrel, Pallas Squirrel, Varriable Squirrel, Cambodian Striped Squirrel, Northern Threeshew, Yellow-throated martern … In addition, if you are not limited in time, you can spend 3 days searching for elephants and gaurs in this area.

In Dong Nai NR, beside bird watching near Ho Chi Minh City, there are 4 beautiful snakes, and is a target for herper to visit when visiting Vietnam:

  • King cobra
  • Indochinese Spitting Cobra
  • Malayan Krait
  • Malayan Pit-viper

In addition, you will also meet 2 species of snakes with beautiful green color:

  • Ruby-eyed Green Pit Viper
  • Large-headed Green Pit-viper

Some snakes eat slugs, wolf snakes, kuri Snakes, …

This is a new tourist destination, a destination just 2 hours drive from Ho Chi Minh City but contains many interesting things of nature for visitors to explore. In particular, it is allowed to allow tourists to camp in the night forest, which is not possible in other national parks.

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