Do you need to hire a bird watching guide in Vietnam?

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Probably not, if you need him just to show you the birds. Because sometimes, you have enough experience and passion to know the names of the birds on the road you meet. As a birder, you already have the knowledge and preparation in advance through the experience of other birders who have been to Vietnam before. Hot spots with each habitat type, specific location, and tips to find your targets… all prepared before the trip. And so, why need a bird guide?

But this is a tour, you have little time and you want to enjoy the holidays to the fullest, in addition to enjoying birds with color and attraction from new species. With a birder, some “lifer” in trip is more excitement than anything. But that’s not enough, a vacation needs to be guaranteed with less hassle, avoiding troubles in a strange place, you also want to eat delicious meals and ensure safety. You also want to enjoy exotic dishes in a place known for food tourism. You also love to be able to freely walk around the market at night to pick up souvenirs. You also enjoy meeting a few locals along the way just to say hello or ask a few questions about something you’re curious about. That’s travel, you can all pay attention to the birds, the beautiful photos. But you will feel more complete when you are interested in safe, delicious meals. Be assigned drivers to drive safely, get to your destination and return on time according to your schedule, and you need a local who can help you with many of the problems you have may encounter on their journey.
We need you, and so will you if you need a safe and friendly trip.

Our guide:

  • Le Duy, a master specializing in Vietnamese ornithology, has worked for 8 years at the Southern Institute of Ecology, he knows every forest you intend to go through in Vietnam. When working, he has a light-hearted, sometimes clumsy demeanor like a scientist. But most of all he’s funny and he’s very enthusiastic with clients.
  • Phan Minh Tam is a master in environmental management and also has a bachelor’s degree in tourism. He is strong, a trip needs a muscular guide, I will not hesitate to choose him. In addition to his knowledge of birds during his more than 4 years with Vietnam birds, he spends most of his time in the conservation of marine mammals – dolphins and whales in Vietnam – he heads a rescue team always ready to rescue sea creatures in need of help.
  • Andy Nguyen is passionate about everything in the forest, this Civil engineer has not followed his profession and followed his passion for wild nature for more than 12 years. Andy can be a bird guide during the day, a herp guide at night, and especially, he can also help you find bats and help you learn about them. Above all, Andy creates a bond at work, the difference that creates the value of Vietnam birds is the enthusiasm for customers, we consider your tour to be a complete and interesting experience of indigenous culture, foods, and bird watching tourism.

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