Annoyances when traveling birdwatching and wildlife in Vietnam?

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The troubles of traveling, everywhere, anywhere, more or less, always happens. You will be annoyed when it comes so suddenly, but if you understand what you will encounter when traveling to a completely new place, you will certainly feel more comfortable and handle the situation in a different way wise.

In a short article, we share with friends who intend to travel in Vietnam, especially wildlife tourism and bird watching tourism.

  • It is difficult to find someone to pick you up at the airport. International airports in Vietnam are quite crowded, and finding someone to pick you up at the airport to safely take you to the right hotel is the first challenge when you come to Viet Nam. As a tip, before you get on the plane, talk to your tour operator, flight number, and estimated time of arrival. It will take you about 45 minutes to 1 hour for customs clearance at the airport, then you just walk out through the main door. You don’t have to struggle to find someone holding a placard holding your name in a cluttered crowd and cluttered with nametags. Please go to a numbered pillar at the airport, the position of the column number is announced by the tour operator before you step on the plane. Just go to the numbered pillar, and our guide will help you load your luggage.
  • Curiosity of local people: most people are very curious about bird watching, most Vietnamese think that birds are food or ornamental objects, they prefer owning them in birdcages rather than going to watch them. Therefore, when seeing a group of birdwatchers with binoculars and cameras, curious locals run up to them, look in the direction of the observers, and then ask questions at a loud volume. innocent, they don’t care about watching birds, so they don’t understand that we need silence and avoid being disturbed. This is one of the annoyances we often encounter when birdwatching in places outside of national parks. Once you understand this, you just focus on being a birder and ignore their curiosity, you should neither laugh nor greet them. The included bird guide will deftly explain to him and ask him to go away.
  • Some people wear uniforms, maybe local managers, they are not police, but in Vietnam, there is a way of operating society, everything is in the view and attention of the government. Therefore, when the appearance of a group of foreigners with binoculars and long lenses in hand, makes many local managers worried, maybe they are not the manager, they just are that people accidentally pass by, but they are worried and they have to entice the government officials to come to observe, even check. Most of these cases are to satisfy curiosity. There is no sense of performing official duties. To avoid this hassle, you should follow an experienced guide. His familiar presence there signals to the curious that, as birdwatchers, we are not curious about your woodland.
  • Pickpocketing and theft are common in the city when tourists go shopping or go for a walk. Many sly pickpockets always see tourists as lucrative prey. Especially at night, when tourists go to crowded markets. To make sure you don’t get pickpocketed, either wear a small pocket just for money on the front of your stomach, or you don’t wear anything at all. You put some money in your front pocket. All personal papers and passports you should leave at the hotel. It is best to go in groups and not to go alone. When going to a crowded place like a night market, it is necessary to have a guide accompanied.
  • On the first day of eating food in a foreign place, you may experience abdominal pain or diarrhea, which is the digestive system’s response to foreign food. You should prepare anti-diarrheal medicine in advance, when you meet the guide at the airport, ask him to go to a pharmacy to buy it.
  • Noise at night, some national parks have many domestic tourists come. They often gather in groups from a few people to several dozen people. Sometimes up to hundreds of people including children. They drink and get drunk, scream and then sing. The National Park does not prohibit visitors from singing and especially singing with a horrible sound amplification system that can disturb you at a distance of 1km. To avoid this nuisance, you should choose to stay in hotels that are not near residential areas, not cheap budget hotels. Because usually, domestic tourists will choose cheap hotels to gather and drink. If you can’t stand the noise, you can meet the national park receptionist for intervention.
  • Waiting to observe or photograph birds in bird-hide is also quite uncomfortable. If you’re a photography enthusiast and you just need great photos of a few vibrant birds you like, sitting all day in bird-hide is a viable solution. Birds in Vietnam are very shy, they always find a way to stay away from humans due to hunting. Therefore, photos taken on trails or roadside are always at a distance and the picture quality will not be good. You want a good photo, the only way in Vietnam is to wait in bird-hide. The climate in Vietnam in the bird watching season is very hot, the outdoor temperature is more than 33o C with the humidity of more than 95% in the rainforest creating a suffocating feeling. You’ll be drenched in sweat as you sit in an airtight, hot, and humid bird hide. Sometimes, the mosquitoes and land leeches annoy you, even more, when you’re sitting in the bird-hide.

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