How will you rent a car and transport service for your birding trip in Vietnam?

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There are some groups of tourists or foreign travel companies when organizing a bird watching tour in Vietnam, they tend to hire the service themselves, and the guide is accompanied by an experienced bird guide. At that time, the problem they are interested in is how to hire a transportation service?

Renting a personal car and a passenger car in Vietnam is not very expensive, this price in 2020 before the Covid pandemic hit, fluctuated in the range of 100-150usd/day for a journey no more than 200km. If you move further, you may have to pay extra rent.

Finding a reputable transportation service with experienced drivers is a very important thing for you when coming to Vietnam. Here, with narrow roads that cannot keep up with the development of society, motorbikes running together with cars, motorbikes are very crowded, which will challenge every driver. One minute of negligence can lead to an accident, and with the best of luck, you will also lose a day in Vietnam just waiting for the driver to settle negotiations with the accident victim. In Vietnam, in traffic collisions, large cars have to suffer losses and compensate for smaller motors, which is a common occurrence.

In addition, your travel is not just sitting on a bus and taking it to temples, mausoleums, or colorful streets, but this is a trip to places where only green forest and wild nature are available. So you need a driver with experience in this, at least he has taken tourists a few times to see birds, to understand that he will stop at the beautiful valleys along the way for you can discover pleasant surprises about the birds you missed in the reserve.

Another problem, due to the nature of bird watching tourism, it often has to leave very early, later than 4:00 am, you have to prepare to leave so as not to miss the sunrise at 5:30 am right at the edge of the forest. Unprofessional drivers will hardly meet this request of you. Especially the night before you came home very late from a very successful night trip to see the owls. Drivers will frown and even get angry, this affects your trip and safety, even, sometimes they go on strike until 6:00 am to start. That’s a terrible thing for birders.

In short, you need professional transportation service, know the right route and time for your bird watching or nature exploration trip in Vietnam to ensure a successful trip, no problems or no problems. Waste of time dealing with possible problems. You also need to save money for an extra fun trip, so why not ask us?

We will help you, like birders together, we will also be guests when we come to your country, and then I really need your advice on a responsible ride. Why not?

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