Black-faced Laughingthrush

Annoyances when traveling birdwatching and wildlife in Vietnam?

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The troubles of traveling, everywhere, anywhere, more or less, always happens. You will be annoyed when it comes so suddenly, but if you understand what you will encounter when traveling to a completely new place, you will certainly feel more comfortable and handle the situation in a different way wise.

Bar-bellied Pitta

Where are the best places for bird watching in Vietnam?

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To answer this question, simply listing places is too simple and does not provide a complete overview for birders who want to learn about wildlife and birdwatching in Vietnam.

Banded kingfisher has a length of 22 cm, the highlight is a "fashion outfit" with blue and black stripes, is a relatively common settler from the Central to the South, often found in Cat Tien

Wild natural wonders in Cat Tien

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Wild butterflies, Germain’s peacock pheasant or Pygmy Loris in Cat Tien National Park come to life through the lens of wildlife guide Andy Nguyen.