Cat Tien National Park

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Accompany with VIETNAMBIRDS.NET for magnificent birding tours, bird watching and wildlife tours in Cat Tien National Park.

Birding tour in Cat Tien National Park

Blue-rumped Pitta
Blue-rumped Pitta

Cat Tien National Park have more than 300 birds species, with some highlight:

  • Bar-bellied Pitta
  • Blue-rumped Pitta
  • Orange-necked Partridge
  • Germain’s Peacock Pheasant
  • Woodly-necked Stork
  • Pale-headed Woodpecker
  • Black and Buff Woodpecker
  • Black and red Broadbill
  • Dusky Broadbill
  • Banded Broadbill
  • Banhded Kingfisher
  • Green Peafowl
  • Grey-faced Tit Babbler

Checklist of Birds in Cat Tien:  Downdload Ebook Checklist for Birding in Cat Tien National Park 

With birding tours, you need 3 – 4 days, one and a half days in the bird-hide for some nice birds: Bar-bellied Pitta, Blue-rumped Pitta, Germain’s peacock pheasant, Siamese Fireback, Green legged Partrige,…

  • With more bulbuls: Black headed Bulbul, Black-crested bulbul, Ochraceous bulbul, …
  • Flycatchers : Hainan Blue-flycatcher, Indochinese Blue flycatcher…
  • The main trail we can observe sunbirds, such as: Ruby-cheecked Sunbird, Van’s Hasselt Sunbird, Crimson Sunbird, Olive-backed Sunbird
  • More with: Bronzed Drongo, Black drongo, Ashy drongo, Greater racket-tailed Drongo…

Wildlife Tour in Cat Tien National Park

Germain’s Peacock Pheasant Cat tien National Park
Wildlife Tours – Bird Watching Tours in Cat Tien National Park

Combine with birding tours, its take you 4 days for wildlife in Cat Tien, Diurnal for birding and primates, Squirrels

  • Nortunal for herping: frogs, snakes, lizards… You must be ready for good health for this trip.
  • We can easily find some Primates in Cat Tien: Yellow-cheeked Gibbon, Black-shanked Douc, Long-tailed Macaque, Northern Pig-tailed Macaque.
  • And more hardly targets: Annam Silver Langur, Pygmy loris
  • Also in Grassland area, we can see Sambar deer, Lesser mousedeer, Red Muntjak, Wild pig and Gaurs
  • Types of snake: Ruby-eyed Green Viper, Vine Snake, Kuri Snakes…
  • When arriving to the lake, some of waterbirds can be seen around, as well as Siamese Crocodile.


A range of standard accommodation is available at the park headquarters, and it is also possible to stay at Crocodile lake.

Forest Floor Lodge is more fancy, it locates at Ben Cu rapid where people can enjoy the view however for most birders they don’t need to stay here

Some nice adress for homestay and hotel outside national parkGreen hope HomestayGreen Bamboo Lodge

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