8 days – Herping Tour in South Vietnam


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You can freely enjoy nature through 8 days – Herping Tour in South Vietnam which can provide you great experience of most spectecular species in Vietnam.

What is the intinerary of 8 days Herping Tour in South Vietnam?

  • Day 1 : Ho Chi Minh City – Dong Nai Nature reserve
  • Day 2: Experience Vietnam’s Herping Tour in Dong Nai Nature reserve
  • Day 3: Continue our journey at Cat Tien National Park
  • Day 4: Cat Tien NP – Di Linh town “A route like no others”
  • Day 5: Di Linh Plateau, Deo Nui San pass
  • Day 6: Di Linh Plateau, Loc bac pass
  • Day 7: Di Linh Plateau – Bidoup Nuiba National Park
  • Day 8: Bidoup Nuiba National Park
  • Day 9: Herping Tour in Vietnam Finished

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Day 1 : Ho Chi Minh City – Dong Nai Nature reserve

Our Herping Tour in Vietnam begins,

Guide will meet you in Ho Chi Minh City, then go directly to Dong Nai NR. Arriving to Cat Tien after 2 hours hour on car, after check-in time, we will go to find some snake, lizard along the main trails of the park.

With the main roads 20km, you can see some kind of diurnal snakes : Bronzeback Tree Snake, Vine Snake, Flying snake.

More with the birds: Drongos, leafbird, tailorbird, warbler, Sunbirds, kingfishers, Green-pigeon,  trogons, Woodpeckers,…

When night falls, it is the time to explore the night forest tour. Prepare yourself for a flashlight and a sufficient number of batteries, because maybe if you’re lucky, your herping tour will last until dawn the next morning. Remind your guide to prepare boots, raincoats and leeches restricted spray. There are lots of thorns and thorns growing along the stream, you must be careful when walking if you do not want to be scratched.

Your walk in the night forest will be 4-6km long, along the streams to find snakes, frogs and reptiles. In addition, you also encounter many types of insects, crustaceans …

In tropical rainforests, the humidity is often very high, so you should prepare towels to wipe sweat, enough water to bring with you and equipment to protect the camera gear when it rains unexpectedly.

Some target of snake: Malayan Krait, Malayan Pit Viper, Ruby-eyed Pit viper, Cat snake, Wolf snake…

More, you can see Pygmy Loris ,  some owls : Asian barred Owlet, Collared Scops owl.

Day 2: Dong Nai Nature reserve

Continute herping tour in Vietnam with some snakes, Lizards … Especially during the day, the car will take you to Suoi Rang ranger station, where you can find the King Cobra and many other daytime snakes, including Indochinese Spitting Cobra.

Nighttime for herping and spotlight around Suoi Rang ranger station.

Day 3: Cat Tien National Park

Wake-up at 8:30 am, after breakfast, we transport to Cat tien National park. Returning to our herping tour in Vietnam, we arrive and check-in at 11:00. We have lunch at Tre Vang Restaurant.

Afternoon time, 14:00pm we will move by car to Crocodile trail, then we walk about 6km in the trails to crocodile lake. On the way we will find some diurnal snakes, lizards…

Nighttime herping at crocodile lake.

Day 4: Cat Tien NP – Di Linh town

The moring time, Crocodile lake, where we can find Green peafowl, Sambar deer , Red Muntjak.

We will walk back to the Center headquarter. Our herping tour continue with watching some birds, black-shanked douc langur and find some diurnal snake, lizards … and many other species in Vietnam. After that, we check out at 13:00 pm, go to Di Linh town.

Meals: B: at crocodile lake, L at the restaurant out-side national park

Day 5: Di Linh Plateau, Deo Nui San pass

All day in the forest to find some diurnal snake : Vine Snake, Keelback snake, Red-bamboo Trinket Snake, Mock Viper, Green Trinket Snake…

At this time of herping tour in Vietnam, more nocturnal herping along to the stream for : Vogel Pit Viper, Malayan Krait, Wolf snake, Snail Eating Snake, …

Back to the hotel at 2:00 am,

Day 6: Di Linh Plateau, Loc bac pass

After lunch, get back to our tour in Vietnam by moving to Loc Bac pass for herping. That is new place for herping with soo many thing of nice frogs, Waterdragon, and Viper.

Spotlighting in nighttime to 1:00 am then back to the hotel.

Day 7: Di Linh Plateau – Bidoup Nuiba National Park

Check-out at 8:30 and move to Bidoup Nuiba national park.

Lunch in Bidoup Nuiba NP and the afternoon for lizards, diurnal snakes in some nice trails in the park.

The climate here is very cold, especially at night the temperature drops to about 10C, you must wear boots and prepare warm clothes to avoid freezing.

Nocturnal herping tour in some stream in the park for snakes, many kind of frogs in Vietnam

Back to the room at 1:00am.

Day 8: Bidoup Nuiba National Park – Last diurnal time of herping tour in Vietnam

Last day in diurnal time try to find Large-eyed False Cobra.

Nocturnal for spotlighting at some different streams for snake.

Back to the hotel at 1:00 am and have a rest.

Day 9: Herping Tour in Vietnam Finished

After wake-up, we will pick you to the Dalat airport, flight back to Ho Chi Minh city. End your tour.

Tour include: Transport, National part tickets, rent car inside Cat tien, Meals, fresh water, beer in night, Local guide,Ranger cover fee for nighttime in the jungle ( all NP in Vietnam not allow to entry the jungle in the nighttime, so we must ask them for allowed)

Not include: Travel insurance.


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