4 Days Birding & Spotlighting Tour in Cat Tien National Park

What is our tourism plan for a 4 days Vietnam Wildlife Tour at Cat Tien National Park?

  • Day 1 : Ho Chi Minh City – Cat Tien National Park
  • Day 2: Birding and Spotlighting Tours at Cat Tien NP
  • Day 3: Crocodile lake back to Center headquarter
  • Day 4: Cat Tien NP and back to HCM City

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What will we experience for 4-day birding and spotlighting tour in Cat Tien National park?

From Hochiminh city to Cat Tien National Park will take you about 3.5 hours on car, after check-in time, we will go to find some birds along the main road in side Cat tien NP.

With the main roads 3km, you can see some kind of bird Cat Tien: Drongos, leafbird, tailorbird, warbler, Grey-faced Tit-babbler, Pin-striped Tit-babbler, Sunbirds, Banded kingfisher, Square-taied Drongo-cuckoo, Thick-billed Green-pigeon,  Orange-breasted trogon, Woodpeckers,…

Night time with Pygmy Loris in main Vietnambirds spotlighting target, more with some owls : Asian barred Owlet, Collared Scops owl, Brown hawk Owl…

Start our morning in Cat Tien with Gibbon singer, we will find them in nature and some in semi-wild captivity to watch how them connect and make relationship each other.

Go to find some Black-shankded Douc, Annamese Silver langur at some trails under tropical forest in Cat Tien, birding we can see some kind of woodpecker : Great Slaty woodpecker, Common flameback…

The grassland habitat where the Gaus and some kind of Deer, Red muntjak, Green peafowl and birds for the clients can see and photograph.

Wetlands with crocodiles : Wake-up early in 5:00, breakfast then start at 5:30 by pick-up car to Crocodile lake, we will car transport about 9km then walk 6km. On the walking way, we can see langurs, monkeys, civets, insects, birds, snakes and some kind of reptiles.

The Crocodile lake, Where we will enjoy the landscape in here and used the boat to watch the Crocodile. Clients will see some water birds and some raptor catch the fish at lake.

Dipterocarp and deciduous forests, home to a diverse abundance of reptiles, birds of raptors and woodpeckers.

How will we move inside Cat Tien National Park?

The tours organized by Vietnambirds always take care of the clients. With fixed bird watching spots near the accommodation, visitors will walk, with the help of guides, visitors can comfortably without fear of having to carry their photography equipment heavily. With some locations far from the center of the National Park, we always bring the most comfort to visitors with the use of a pick-up car as part of our all-inclusive service. Visitors can comfortably sit in the car and observe and take pictures of birds and animals in the grassland areas.

Does the restaurant serve meals that suit guests’ taste?

It’s an important question that needs answering when tourists visit a place. Eating to ensure enough health during the journey, it also requires not causing trouble due to sudden changes in portions and foods. In addition, food is also a form of tourism that brings joy and comfort to tourists watching birds and discovering Vietnam’s wildlife.

The restaurant serves a variety of Asian and European menus, and features traditional Vietnamese local flavors.

Guests will be very satisfied with the quality of meals we serve during the trip.

What extra things do visitors need to prepare when coming to Cat Tien National Park?

When participating in bird watching and spotlighting tours, visitors need to prepare clothes suitable for walking in the forest, clothes that are easy to sweat and dry quickly, should not wear colorful clothes, In addition, it is necessary to prepare socks made of thick fabric and long enough to cover the ankles. (Vietnambirds will provide such socks for free to visitors if you do not prepare in time.)

Insect sprays to avoid mosquito bites and insect attacks are important to carry. These drugs are available for sale near the ticket gates of the National Park. On Vietnambirds tours, we give our visitors free sprays that we have found to be very effective against mosquitoes and leeches.

Most of the travel to Cat Tien is done during the dry season, however, there are still unseasonal rains that appear suddenly. Therefore, visitors should prepare a raincoat or gear to protect their camera from getting wet.

Outside the National Park is a densely populated area, where we can easily buy medicines for basic needs such as antipyretic, anti-headache medicine, anti-diarrheal medicine, …

Are there any dangers visitors face?

Cat Tien National Park is a long-standing tourist destination, has served tourists for more than 30 years, is carefully invested to serve visitors and preserve wildlife, so when we come here, we are very quiet. Center can be served attentively and professionally.

However, visitors should not go alone in the forest, the trails here can quickly lead you to get lost. It is very difficult to find the exit if you get lost in Cat Tien National Park. There is no phone signal in the forest, so getting lost will make you exhausted before anyone else’s help is available.

Wild animals like Elephants and Gaurs are rarely seen, and they always find a way to stay away from humans, so there will be no danger from wildlife in Cat Tien. However, visitors should not disturb or disturb wildlife if they accidentally encounter them on the way.

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