4-day trip to photograph Vietnam’s endemic birds at the oldest mountain in Asia – Ngoc Linh Mountain


Ngoc Linh Mountain is a mountain that was formed and was higher than the sea level 240 million years ago. When the Indian continent was still underwater, the Himalayas had not yet formed. The Central Highlands of Vietnam (Kontum Plateau) and Lower Laos is an ancient land dating back more than 240 million years and since then, it has never been submerged in seawater. As a result, the flora and fauna in this area have a rich diversity, including the most ancient plant species and even birds newly discovered two decades ago.

4-day trip to photograph Vietnam's endemic birds at the oldest mountain in Asia - Ngoc Linh Mountain

4-day trip to photograph Vietnam’s endemic birds at the oldest mountain in Asia – Ngoc Linh Mountain

Beautiful and endemic birds:

  • Red-tailed Laughingthrush
  • Golden-winged laughing thrush.
  • Chestnut-eared Laughingthrush.
  • Coral-billed Scimitar Babbler.
  • Black-crowned Barwing.
  • Indochinese Fulvetta.
  • Rusty-capped Fulvetta.
  • Rufous-winged Fulvetta.
  • Annam Golden-breasted Fulvetta.
  • Grey-crowned Tit.
  • Rufous-faced Warbler.
  • Black-faced Warbler.
  • Grey-bellied Tesia.
  • Chestnut-crowned Warbler.
  • Pygmy Wren-babbler.
  • White-winged magpie.
  • Ratchet-tailed Treepie.

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Itinerary includes

Day 1 

We will take a flight from Ho Chi Minh City to Pleiku, the trip from the evening of the day before the first day (flight 19:00), after arriving in Pleiku city, we will move another 2 hours to reach the town. Mang Den (22:00)

Overnight at the hotel in this romantic and cool town, we will start the bird-watching journey in Mang Canh forest in the early morning of the first day.

With a 20km trip into Mang Canh forest, a tropical forest in the Kontum plateau, the altitude is from 800-1300m, bringing a temperate climate and diverse ecosystems, many beautiful and easy-to-observe birds.

In particular, we will see the Chestnut-eared laughing thrush bird, which is endemic to this area, has a very narrow distribution, and has only been discovered around 1998.

Chestnut-eared Laughingthrush

Chestnut-eared Laughingthrush

Day 2

We have a Monday morning to explore Mang Canh forest and surrounding areas on our bird-watching journey in this area.

Red-tailed laughing thrush

Red-tailed laughing thrush

In the afternoon, we will move to Ngoc Linh Nature Reserve, the most attractive bird-watching spot in Vietnam so far.

Day 3

Early in the morning of the third day, we will move 40km from the hotel to the center of Ngoc Linh mountain area, on this day, we will spend the whole day here, primeval forest like in fairy tales, altitude from 1900m to 2400m will amuse you. Many beautiful birds can be encountered on the trails under the canopy of the old forest.

Golden-winged laughing thrush

Golden-winged laughing thrush

There are 2 bird hides here so we can take pictures of the endemic birds here.

Return to hotel at 19:00.

Day 4

We will depart early at 5:30 am to reach the center of Ngoc Linh Nature reserve region, and continue the bird-watching program on the trails to observe the birds and the wonderful view here.

We will return to Pleiku airport at 17:00 to take the flight back to Ho Chi Minh City at 20:00.

Golden-breasted fulvetta

Golden-breasted fulvetta

Notes for this itinerary:

  • Visitors can extend for 3 more days to have a trip to Da Nang and Bach Ma National Park (7 days trip).
  • The cost of the customer’s trip includes the cost of direct contributions to the ethnic minority communities in Ngoc Linh (So Dang ethnic group) for wildlife conservation efforts, to reducing poaching. birds to eat and sell as ornamental.
  • Ngoc Linh Mountain is a high mountain area, the climate is cold and foggy with sudden drizzle. Visitors should prepare a jacket to avoid the cold.
Rufous-winged Fulvetta

Rufous-winged Fulvetta


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