Violet CuckooWhite-rumped ShamaBlue-winged LeafbirdAbbott’s BabblerLesser YellownapeBar-bellied Pitta – FemaleBar-bellied Pitta – MaleBlue-rumped PittaRufous WoodpeckerSquare-tailed Drongo-cuckooHeart-spotted WoodpeckerOrange-breasted TrogonGermain’s Peacock PheasantRed-junglefowlGreen PeafowlSiamese FirebackGreen-eared Barbet
Bar-bellied Pitta
Violet Cuckoo
White-rumped Shama
Blue-winged Leafbird
Abbott’s Babbler
Lesser Yellownape
Bar-bellied Pitta – Female
Bar-bellied Pitta – Male
Blue-rumped Pitta
Rufous Woodpecker
Square-tailed Drongo-cuckoo
Heart-spotted Woodpecker
Orange-breasted Trogon
Germain’s Peacock Pheasant
Green Peafowl
Siamese Fireback
Green-eared Barbet

3 days – Bird Photography Tour in Cat Tien National Park


The Tour Manager for this tour is Andy Nguyen

Contact in facebook, please click on my name

Or Call +84982928482 , or message by Whatsapp, viber with the same number



Today, with the convenience of the cameras, interaction via social networks: Facebook, twitter … has made birds photography in Vietnam a trend with a large number of participants.

What is the route for 3 days Bird Photography Tour in Cat Tien National Park?

A trip to take photography of beautiful birds in Vietnam is our goal. To do that, several bird-hide spots were created by us. You will spend most of your time waiting for many birds to come and you just need to take a shot, choose a few photos that you like the best.

We will take a day for you to follow the main trails in Cat Tien, on these routes, with about 3km of walking you will have the opportunity to meet many beautiful birds to take pictures such as: Black and Red Broadbill, Dusky Broadbill, Banded Broadbill, Blue-bearded Bee-eater, Chestnut-headed Bee-eater, Banded Kingfisher, Pied Horbill, Great Hornbill, Blue-winged leafbird, Chestnut-fronted leafbird, Yellow-vented Flowerpecker, Scarlet-backed Flowerpecker, Ruby-cheeked Sunbird, Crimson Sunbird, Van Hasselt’s Sunbird, Little Spiderhunter …


This three days for birds photography tour in Cat Tien will give us a chance to see most important bird species and some other wildlife, although this can be optioned for only 1 night stay or 3 nights stay depends on your time budget. We will start early in the morning to leave Sai Gon and travel by private car for 150km (about 3.5 hours) to reach the park.

What types of birds can we take photography in Vietnam?

In Cat Tien National Park, we have created 3 hides for bird watching spots so that you can have beautiful birds, such as: Bar-bellied Pitta, Blue-rumped Pitta, Germain’s Peacock-Pheasant, Siamese Fireback,  Green-legged Partridge, Orange-necked Partridge.

In addition, you can also meet many beautiful birds visiting the hide : Lesser yellownaped, Common Flameback, Black-crested Bulbul, Black-headed Bulbul, Ochraceous Bulbul, Stripe-throated Bulbul, Slaty-legged Crake, Greater Coucal, Greater racket-tailed Drongo, Indochinese Blue Flycatcher, Hainan Blue Flycatcher, Abbott’s Babbler, Buff-throated Babbler…


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