15 Days for Birds Watching and Primates Photography Tour in Vietnam


  • The Tour Manager for this tour is Andy Nguyen
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Primates Photography Tour in Vietnam with a specialist who can guide you to see many spectecular species such as: Langurs, Gibbons, Macaques and Loris.

What is the journey for 15 days Birds Watching and Primates Photography Tour in Vietnam?

  1. Day 1: TSN airport (Hochiminh city) – Cat Tien National Park
  2. Day 2: Cat Tien NP
  3. Day 3: Cat Tien
  4. Day 4: Cat tien – Di Linh Plateau
  5. Day 5: Di Linh Plateau
  6. Day 6: Di Linh Plateau – Da Lat City (Langbian Plateau)
  7. Day 7: Bidoup Nui Ba National Park
  8. Day 8: Bidoup Nui ba National Park
  9. Day 9: Da Nang City
  10. Day 10: Da Nang city – Bach Ma NP
  11. Day 11: Bach Ma NP
  12. Day 12: Samu Pass.
  13. Day 13: Phong nha Kebang National Park
  14. Day 14:  Phong Nha Ke Bang NP
  15. Day 15: Tuyen Hoa, Quang Binh province and flight back to HCM city.

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Day 1 : TSN airport (Hochiminh city) – Cat Tien National Park

Guide will meet you at Tan Son Nhat airport at xx:00 (you will confirm exactly time) , then go directly to Cat Tien National Park, arrive to Cat Tien after 3 hour on car, after checkin, we will go to the forest  for birding , herping and spotlighting…

  • Accommodation: The best room (Double room) at guesthouse of the National Park (air-condition, hot shower, free WIFI),  Meals: All meals will serve at the Tre vang restaurant inside of  National park

Day 2 : Cat Tien NP – Primates Photography Tour in Vietnam

Birding all day inside the Park , Start at 5:30am , We will listen “singer Gibbon” and find them.

after that could take quick breakfast then birding along the main trail, comeback HQ for lunch , In the afternoon, we are hiding in tent to watching Bar-bellied Pitta, Blue-rumped Pitta,  Germain’s peacock pheasant, Siamese fireback, Green legged Partridge …

  • Dinner and then go to the forest again to find some owls , spotlighting.
  • Accommodation: At the same room
  • Meals: B/L/D : Breakfast, lunch and dinner at  Trevang Restaurant inside of the Park

Day 3 : Cat Tien – Continue Bird-watching and Primates Photography Tour in Vietnam

We start at 6:00 in jeep and go to Crocodile Lake, (9km by pick-up car and 5km walk in the forest) along way we find langur, douc , monkeys and arrive CL at 9:00 am, Used boat to find crocodiles and more water birds.After lunch time we take break and goback at 15:00, arrive center Cat tien at 17:30.

  • Dinner
  • Accommodation: at the same room.
  • Meals: B/L/D Breakfast and dinner at Tre vang restaurant,  lunch at Ranger Station in Crocodiles lake.

Day 4 : Cat tien – Di Linh Plateau

We start at 6:00 in jeep and go to grassland for Primates Photography Tour in Vietnam. Along way we find green peafowl and some mammals (Sambar deer, Red Muntjak, long-tailed macaque)

Check out 11:00am and go to Di Linh plateau. , Lunch in Bao Loc city,  in the way to Di Linh Plateau.

Arrive Di Linh at 16:00pm.

Checkin in Bao Phu Hotel (the best hotel in small town) , After early dinner we go to Deo Nui San Pass to Herping among to the streams .

Overnight at Bao Phu hotel (3 nights)

  • Meals: B in Cat Tien, L on the way to Di Linh
  • Dinner at the restaurant in Di Linh .

Day 5 : Primates Photography Tour in Vietnam carries on at Di Linh Plateau

Start around 6:00 AM for drive to Deo Nui San pass for morning birding. Breakfast in Di Linh town.

Full day birding at here , where we have 4 bird hide to you can get good picture of nice birds : Orange-headed thrush, Seberian thrush, Blue Pitta, Black-hooded Laughingthrush,  Oranged-breasted laughingthrush, White-browed Scimitar babbler,  Indochinese Green Magpie, Bar-backed Partridge, Streaked-wren babbler, Silver Broadbill, Long tailed Broadbill….(lunch at the small and very nice coffee shop, they have noodles with eggs or rice with Vietnamese chicken style)

In afternoon, birding and back to the hotel for your private work , after the dinner we go back to the forest for herping and spotlighting mammals Overnight at Bao Phu Hotel.

Day 6 : Di Linh Plateau – Da Lat City (Langbian Plateau)

After birding in the morning, then we leave around 10:00 AM for Da Lat. Lunch at Datanla waterfall at noon time  , easy Birding in Datanla Then go to Da Lat city. We check in 18:30pm , after dinner we go to the “ Da lat night market” if you want to have some nice memory with this city.

  • Overnight at Du Parc hotel. (3 stars hotel, Da Lat City)
  • Meals: B, L in Datanla .
  • D: at the restaurant  in Da Lat

Day 7 : Bidoup Nui Ba National Park – Best place for Primates Photography Tour in Vietnam

Start at 5:30  , After breakfast we  go to bird hide (40km distance) and Birding all day in the birding hide insite the National Park , List : Collared laughingthrush, White-cheeked laughingthrush, Black headed Sibia, Rufous-throated Partridge, Indochinese Wren Babbler, White-browed Scimitar Babber, Grey-bellied Tesia, Pygmy Wren Babbler, ….

At 16:00 , We leave the bird hide and move to Bidoup Nui Ba National Park Center Headquarter, Checkin at 18:30.

  • After dinner we back to the forest for herping.

Day 8 : Bidoup Nui ba National Park

We continute birding in Bidoup Nui Ba national park around Giang Ly Ranger Station, with some special birds : Vietnamese Greenfinch, Red-crossbill, Vietnamese Cutia, Yellow-cheeked Tit, Black-crowned Fulvetta…

  • We checkout then go to the airport to fly to Da Nang city (depart time at 16:30) , we will arrive Da Nang at 17:30, check in at hotel Accommodation:  B, L at the National park  , Dinner at Da Nang City

Day 9: Da nang City

Start at 5:30 , Moving 5km from hotel to  Son Tra peninsula for Red-shanked Douc, 10:00 we back to the city for rest and lunch, we turnback to the Son Tra at 15:00 for Douc and finish at 18:30 pm

  • Accommodation: B, L, D at the restaurant in Da Nang City

Day 10 : Da Nang city – Bach Ma NP – Another location for Primates Photography Tour in Vietnam

We start early at 5:30am and arrive to Bach Ma NP at 7:30am for birding allday in Bach Ma, that place have no bird hide so we only walk along the main road and some trails in the park. We rest in Phong Lan villa on the top of Bach Ma NP.  After dinner, we will herping and spotlighting mammals to 23:00pm., Special we will discover some “Vietcong tunnel” on the top of Bach Ma in nighttime, have Bats insite !

  • Accommodation : B at Da Nang city; L, D at Phong Lan restaurant.

Day 11 : Bach Ma NP

  • Birding and herping and enjoy Primates Photography Tour in Vietnam during morning  time .
  • Accommodation : B  at Phong Lan restaurant, L at Hue City, D in Khesanh town.
  • Room : Thai Ninh Hotel at Khesanh Town

Afternoon move to Khe Sanh Town, Quang tri Province.  After birding and breakfast on the top of Bach Ma, we check-out  at 11:00 am and go to Khe Sanh town , we will have 1 day in Sa Mu Pass, the new destination in the Central of Viet Nam

Day 12: Samu Pass.

Morning birding for some rare birds : Collared Babbler, Rufous cheeked Laughingthrush, Masked Laughingthrush, Black-throated Laughingthrush, Long-tailed Shrike, …and on the trails we can fine some diurnal snakes… for Primates Photography Tour in Vietnam

We arrive to Phong Nha at 19:00pm

Day 13: Phong nha Kebang National Park – Magnificent location not only for Primates Photography Tour in Vietnam

In this park we can see some nice primates : Red-shanked Douc, White-cheeked Gibbon, Stump-tailed Macaque, Assamese macaque and Ha tinh Langur.

Anyway we can see some endemic birds of this national park : Limestone leaf warbler, Red-collared Woodpecker , Sooty babbler,  …

Spotlighting in nighttime with some trails inside of National park : snakes, frogs and lizards.

Day 14:  Phong Nha Ke Bang NP

Morning time for birding in the park, in the afternoon visit to primate recuse center.

Day 15: Tuyen Hoa, Quang Binh province and flight back to HCM city.

Moring time check-out in Phong nha then move to Tuyen Hoa district for the last remaining population in the wild of the Hatinh langur.

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