Fansipan Mountain Birding Trip

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A story of Fansipan mountain and Sapa town birding trip. Not only birding, we have time to enjoy with foods, ethnic people culture, tradition wine and climb.

Fansipan Mountain Birding Trip

Coming to Fansipan, you will visit a famous tourist town in Northwest Vietnam: Sapa town and also an ideal location for birding tour in Vietnam. Fansipan Mountain is a famous destination in Vietnam, it is part of the continuation of the Himalayas, with peaks as high as 3413m above sea level.

Chestnut-headed Bee-eater in Fansipan Mountain

In addition to the beautiful scenery due to the majestic mountains, the villages of the Dao and Hmong people bend under the hillsides. Beside that, the experience of Sapa and bird watching spots around the town such as: Silver Falls, O Quy Ho pass … will help you see and take pictures of many beautiful birds.

Why you should try birding Fansipan Moutain trip?

Birds target in Fansipan mountain trail

Black-faced laughingthrush, Red-tailed laughingthrush, Scaly laughingthrush, Sickle-billed Scimitar Babbler, Scaly-breasted Wren babbler, Bar-winged Wren Babbler, Pale-throated Wren Babbler, Collared Yuhina, Striped-throated Yuhina, Green-tailed Sunbird, Mrs Gould’s Sunbird, Vinaceous rosefinch, Broad-billed Warbler, ….

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Questions for Birding in Fansipan Mountain

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